Everyone wants to be a house flipper. We’ve all seen the TV shows. Fixing up houses and flipping them is sexy. This trend has created a ton of want to be Cash House buyers claiming to know what they are doing and in the process misleading many sellers who are looking for the real We Buy Houses cash house buyers, which are hard to find in Cincinnati.

If you’re a seller looking to sell your house fast it’s important to know that not all real estate investors are created equal. Many folks with “We Buy Houses” signs, letters, or ads in fact need to get a loan to purchase the house. These folks will often want to do inspections on the property as well and take 45 days to close, or longer. They will often times also want to involve a real estate agent which will cost you money.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast it’s important to find a cash house buyer who is experienced, has cash, and won’t do inspections. If your house needs repairs and you’d like to sell it fast it’s entirely acceptable to ask a buyer to close within 7-10 days for cash. Don’t waste your time with a house buyer who doesn’t have cash. Make sure to ask them these important questions before wasting your time or theirs. Will they pay cash and close fast? Will you have to pay a realtor? How many rehabs have they done?

Some houses we’ve bought:

There’s a lot of cash house buyers in Cincinnati, but very few can close with cash and fast in 7 days with no fees. My twin brother and I have flipped over 250 houses and can give you an offer right now over the phone, email, or text! Call us now at ​513-445-2274

-Mitch Painter