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Testimonial of a seller who sold his house fast to us in Cincinnati!

“Well, what can I say about Mitch & Matt Painter?  The answer would be that they
are excellent to do business with.  They really made selling my house extremely
easy!!  We received a very fair offer & closed without any long, drawn out complications.  So very easy & fast!! Add to that they are both very nice and well mannered young men.  They knew how to treat an elderly seller who needed lots of help with this transition.  I am sure that their families raised them both the right way!!   A big thanks to them & I would do business with them again.!!!”
– Anthony Waker

Steps to Sell Your House Now

1. Make your house look as good as possible

Paint, scrub and depersonalize if at all possible. Let potential Cincinnati house buyers easily see themselves living there. Don’t allow anyone to see the overstuffed junk drawer. If you think you are saving money by putting off repairs, you are wrong. This is the time to repair all the little things around the house; loose railings, peeling paint and leaky faucets. Work on your landscaping and put in brighter lights. Consider using the trick of brewing potpourri or baking bread to make the house smell nice. Give particular consideration to your front door since this is where the potential property buyers are going to pass through. For many houses in terrible condition simply sell to a direct home buyer instead.

2. Consider an inspection

If you detect a problem during your own inspection, fix it quickly. Keep in mind that Cincinnati cash home buyers might also want to carry out their own inspection. This is important to sell your house now.

3. Decide how you want to sell your house

The conventional way to sell house quickly is through a real estate agent however this can be costly.  A few Realtors can offer valuable guidance through this process, most most will just put your house on the MLS and charge you $8,000 or more!  A direct private home buyer can offer you a fair price and close quickly, saving you thousands in realtor commissions.

4. Set the price

You or your agent will assess the Cincinnati real estate market, considering current prices of similar homes in the neighborhood. Your home’s price will be largely determined by the local market. Or we can give you a fair cash offer and buy your house in 9 days.

5. Market your house

You will need to market your Cincinnati house to as many prospective cash house buyers as possible. Your options for advertising include online listings, newspaper ads, open houses or yard signs. To sell your house quick, you might want to consider adjusting your price down or giving buyers incentives, like paying closing costs. You could also offer a warranty to pay for particular repairs within the first year.

6. Consider the offers and settle for one

When a buyer offers money, you will need to evaluate whether it is enough. In addition, you will need to think if the buyer will follow through on his offer. Do they have very many conditions? How large is their down payment? Usually, property buyers back out when they can’t get financing or if the home inspection reveals major problems. Other potential house buyers want to wait until their house sells. At other times, prospective house buyers are required to find homeowner’s insurance first. At this stage, you will need some help. This might be the services of a Cincinnati real estate lawyer, realtor or a title services company.

7. Close the deal

If everything goes well, you will soon sit down with representatives of the buyer and sign the contracts. In a few days, you will get your money, plus the equity you have built up in the home, minus any commissions.

Selling your house to a direct cash home buyer is the best way to sell your house fast. Sell your house quickly to us today

Preparing to Sell Your House Fast

Every seller would want to sell property fast and make a good profit. However, this does not just happen by chance. It takes careful planning and being able to professionally improve your home that will bring in many prospective cash house buyers. The following are tips that will help you make your home more marketable.

Detach yourself with the home

  • Make a mental choice to let go of your emotional attachment and accept the fact that this house will not be yours soon.
  • Visualize yourself surrendering the house keys to the new owners.
  • Bid farewell to every room
  • Don’t look back – look to your future


Pack up all family heirlooms and personal photographs. You don’t want potential cash house buyers to be distracted by personal artifacts. The buyers should be able to visualize their own photos hanging on the walls.


If you haven’t used something in more than one year, it is likely that you don’t really need it. It would be therefore advisable to either throw it away or donate it. Clear out your kitchen counters and pack up all knickknacks.

Rent a storage unit

Most home look better with minimal furniture. Remove furniture that hamper or block walkways and paths and put them away in storage. Remove unnecessary furniture from the living room to make it appear larger. Each room should have just enough furniture to allow ease in moving around and to showcase the purpose of the room. When buyers look at a room, they should be able to know what it is used for.

Rearrange kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets

While looking around, buyers will open cabinet and closet doors. If they are well organized, it will create a positive impression.

  • Neatly stack dishes
  • Arrange your coffee cups with handles facing the same direction.
  • Line up shoes
  • Hang shirts together, all facing the same direction

Replace/remove favorite items

If you want to take built-in appliances, fixtures or window coverings with you, have them removed now. If the dining chandelier is a family treasure, take it down. If you tell a potential buyer that they can’t have something that they have already seen, it might cost you a deal.

Make minor repairs

  • Replace cracked counter or floor tiles
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Fix kitchen drawers which jam and doors which don’t close properly
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Consider repainting your walls using a neutral color
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs

Make the house shine

  • Wash the windows thoroughly
  • Pressure-wash the exterior and sidewalks
  • Re-caulk showers, sinks and tubs
  • Polish mirrors and chrome faucets
  • Vacuum daily
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Dust ceiling fan blades, furniture and light fixtures.
  • Wax floors
  • Replace worn rugs
  • Air out and clean musty smelling areas
  • Hang up fresh towels

Check curb appeal

You need to make your home’s exterior attractive to encourage potential buyers to get inside.

  • Mow the loan
  • Keep the sidewalks cleared
  • Plant flowers
  • Trim the bushes
  • Paint faded window trim
  • Make sure prospective buyers can easily read your house number

We’re always looking for houses and apartments to buy. Call us anytime at 513-445-2274 if you’d like to sell your property fast in Cincinnati.