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Buying and selling your property can be very nerve-wracking but not if you know the ins and outs of real estate business. A home is where the heart is and that is why you should carefully consider all the parameters before taking the decision. People don’t buy or sell their house every other day so it is essential to get the best deal possible. Now you don’t need to go from one broker’s office to another because this blog will familiarize you with ways to find online websites that claim we buy houses com. Websites like Mitch and Matt Painter have been in the real estate industry for many years and their reliability gives people more reasons to trust them. They offer cash for your house and buy it in whatever condition it is in because you are what they value the most.

How to Sell House Quickly and Get Cash for Your House

Buying and selling a house at the same time is a challenging task but it can be achieved if planning is considered as the most important part of this process. You need to come up with a solid plan when it comes to money. Devise a plan, take a paper and write down all your requirements so that you can get cash for your house without any hassle. One drawback when you have cash is that you can easily get overwhelmed and spend it in the wrong places. The Paint Brothers answer all your questions like can I get cash for my house? They don’t only give you the money but also help you find options. What’s more, the following factors will help you decide what to do and how to smartly buy and sell a house while getting the best of both worlds. It lays out the different options that you have when buying or selling your property.

Buy Your House Before Selling

Honestly, this method is trickier because it requires you to manage your funds a little differently and requires you to put a lot of effort into planning. There are times when you can find your dream home in the initial part of the search but that doesn’t mean you need to let it go. You have a few options that you can put to use to buy your dream house.

Consider Home Sale Contingency

This is one of the safest and the best options we recommend you to use. This allows you to set a time period in which you will find a buyer for your old house but just in case you do not get a buyer in the predefined time, you can extend the date or back out of the deal. We here at Mitchpainter will ensure that you get a buyer in time and sell house quickly.

Figure Out How Bridge Loan Can Help

A bridge is also another way; it is short term loan which helps you pay the mortgage of the house quickly that you own so that you don’t carry that cost along. Once you sell your home, you can easily proceed to repay the bridge loan.

Learn What Happens If You Sell Before You Buy

This is a safer option so we recommend selling your house before you buy your new one. This gives you a safe financial position because you will know how much you can afford to invest in your new property and then how much you will have to put into renovations. But this method also comes with its share of inconveniences, one of which is that you might have to move two times in a short time period. You need to consider the following two factors if you sell before you buy:

Settlement Date

One way to make sure you avoid moving twice or more is to decide on the settlement date tactfully. The closing date on the old house and the moving date to the new house should be only a day or two apart so you can easily move from one property to another.  Since we buy houses com, we will make sure that we get you the best arrangement possible.

Rent Back Contingency

Yes, that is right and it is exactly what it says: You ask the new owner of your old house to rent out space to you for a few days or weeks so that you are ready to move. In this case, they are not obligated to make an agreement since you are asking them for a favor. But we recommend you to try; they might as well say yes. However, there are also chances that they might be planning a renovation or a house warming for a new house. In that case, you might not be allowed.

Now that you understand the two scenarios you might face when you decide to sell and buy a property at the same time. Let us see at some of the best tips that the Painter brothers have to offer after they have successfully been in the business for the last 19 years. Since we also offer cash for your house, we have a few tips to offer that will make buying and selling houses a lot easier for you.  You should carefully read these tips because unreliable real estate firms never claim we buy houses rip-off but you need to stay away from such firms and the only way to do so is to familiarize yourself with the entire process. Here are some tips we have rounded up for you:

Do Research Even if You Have Cash for New House

Buying a brand new house can be very tricky since you do not know what is actually behind the walls and under the floors. In order to complete the house quickly, the contractors put little or no effort into making it perfect. They might hire inexperienced workforce or use the material that is not high-quality. We are not saying that brand new houses are bad but try looking for a contractor you trust.

Know the Hidden Costs

There are always some hidden costs included in buying a house. It may include land transfer cost, insurance costs and if you are buying an old property, you might have to invest in renovating it as well. Since you are dealing with the best property agents in Cincinnati, we will get all the costs calculated for you.

Seriously Consider Home Inspection

No matter what do not skip the home inspection. A good contractor will always take clients on a home inspection when they are buying a new house or a quick-fixer. The seller will most likely try to cover any such costs while sharing the actual price that he/she has shared. Many times people complain that after they bought the property they found out that the water system was leaking and the cooling system wasn’t working etc. All this can be avoided with a thorough inspection of the property. If you have not involved a company like ours, we recommend taking a person along who understands property better than you.

Get to Know the Neighbourhood

We understand that not every neighbourhood will be like the one you want to live in. You may like a quieter one or you want a one that has a good playground for your child to play in. Nothing compares to you walking around the neighbourhood and getting to know the local people. We always recommend you to take your time before you decide on buying your new property.

Love at First Sight with a Property is not a Thing

Many of our clients fall in the love with the property we show them and are adamant on buying that no matter how many options we show them later. But let us put it out there, there is no love at first sight with a property. The first property we show you may please you aesthetically but there may be another house that will suit you and your needs much better. A house doesn’t only have to be pretty but it should also cater to all your needs and in case you are a growing family, you will have to think about the future as well.

Know About Staging Techniques

If you are looking to sell house quickly, we will show you some amazing staging techniques that will leave your house sparkling. Clean the counter spaces, remove any cobwebs and there you go.

If you are still wondering you will get cash for my house or not, then we think we have solved your problem for you. Now you don’t have to worry about selling or buying your house since the Painter Brothers are here to help you out.

About Painter Brothers

House renovation and remodeling can be quite a hectic task when you are already looking for a new one to move into. This is when you need a good property consultation company. When you are looking to sell house quickly and that too at the best price, it becomes vital to selling it in a very good condition. But you might not have the funds to get the house completely remodeled or you may have done half of it before you ran out of funds and this is when the Cincinnati Twins come in. Many shady real estate firms don’t claim we buy houses rip off so finding a reliable one can take away your stress. The twin brothers have bought over 650 properties in the last 19 years, remodeled them and sold them in pristine condition. We are familiar with the process and will help you in making all the small and big decisions. Buying and selling your house can be very risky especially when it comes to getting the right price but the Painter brothers will help you in getting the best price.