The process for selling your house fast in Cincinnati is surprisingly simple. Traditionally a seller would call a real estate agent only to wait months and months to get an offer on their house only to find out the buyer had to get a loan and do inspections and would likely back out! Especially if the property needs work it can be very tough to sell this way.

My twin brother Matt & I created our business to provide a quick, painless alternative to sellers looking to sell their house fast. By specializing in property that need work in Cincinnati and paying cash we have given sellers a great alternative then waiting 6-12 months to sell their house.

I can’t tell you how often I hear folks ask me “How do I sell my house fast”? Just call Mitch Painter and have an offer on your house in Cincinnati within 24 hours! I will close within 7-14 days with cash and don’t need to get a loan! No inspections, no realtor fees, no waiting.

I’ve bought over 250 houses in Cincinnati that needed major renovation for cash. I’ve been in business for over 17 years. We buy houses in pretty much every neighborhood in Cincinnati so if your asking yourself “How can I sell my house fast”? Then just call me at 513-445-2274 on my cell phone or email me anytime at

I’m more then happy to give you an offer so you can sell your Cincinnati house fast and move on with your live! I will close with cash quickly and you won’t have to pay any realtor fee’s!

Mitch Painter
Sell my house fast expert in Cincinnati