5 Ways to sell your house Lighting Fast in Cincinnati!


  1. We make fair offers in 24 hours and close in less than 10 days in most cases. We don’t need financing so there is no need to tie up your property with an unqualified buyer that has a small chance of getting a loan to close on the house.
  2. We buy in AS-IS Condition. We never ask you to make repairs or cater to others’ taste before you even sell. We buy in any condition and even if full of stuff.
  3. Less complication for yourself and family. No complicated paperwork, endless showings and broken promises. No Realtor Fee’s- means more money in your pocket.
  4. Cash in hand means you can now move on to what is important to you and your family. With the extra cash just think of what nagging issues you can take care of immediately.
  5. Save time & six months of stress. Thousands of listings expire long before ever selling on the  market. Don’t let a Realtor convince you that it will sell after you sign a contract giving them “exclusive right to sell” for 6 months.



  1. Most buyers a Realtor will show your house to buyers who won’t even qualify for a loan. Lenders these days will not finance most of today’s home buyers.
  2. Realtors tend to over inflate values to raise their commission. Did you know they make 6% of your sales price? Pricing your house to high can lead to a “stale listing”. The older the listing the less it is viewed over time. People tend to “assume” there is something majorly wrong with your property. Then it never sells.
  3. The fees are astronomical. You don’t have to give $8,000 or more to a Realtor, only after waiting 6 month or more for them to find a buyer who can actually get a loan.
  4. Realtors can tend to overpromise and under- deliver. What they hope they house will sell for versus what it does are often very far apart.
  5. Selling through a realtor can take a very long time. The average days on the market for 2011 were 81 days. That’s a lot of waiting for a buyer that still needs to be approved for a loan.

We Buy Houses in Cincinnati, even if they’re Ugly!