We Buy Houses Twins of Cincinnati-

We’ve all heard of these guys. But are they real? How are they different then selling through a realtor? Will they offer a fair price? Do they need to get a loan still?

Jim’s house needed lots of work and he didn’t know how to sell it. He wanted to get a fair price for his house, but didn’t want to deal with a realtor.
He also wanted to sell it fast, without any hassle. He certainly didn’t want a realtor parading hundreds of people through his house, most who couldn’t get a loan regardless.

Jim was sick of cutting the grass every week, paying the property taxes, and now the city was on him for building repairs. A realtor wouldn’t stop bothering him, claiming he could get him a price Jim new was exaggerated. It turned out the realtor had only sold one house in his career to date.

A friend had told Jim about the twins in Cincinnati Mitch & Matt Painter or better known as the We Buy Houses guys of Cincinnati. He took a chance and gave them a call. Boy was he glad he did.

The twins came and looked at his house. Having done hundreds of them, it was nothing new. They made him a cash offer and closed the following week. Jim didn’t have to pay realtor fee’s or wait for a buyer to get a loan, do inspections, etc. We Buy Houses Cincinnati- twins Mitch and Matt Painter, they would love to give you a cash offer on your house today.

The We Buy Houses guys will make you an offer over the phone, and setup to close whenever you would like. The title company will prepare all the documents for the closing and you will have very little closing costs. Not having to pay a realtor will save you $10,000+ alone, not to mention not having to wait 30-60 days for a potential buyer to hopefully get a loan.

If you own a rental property you are sick of dealing with, inherited a house, or your house needs a ton of work and you just want to be done with it- call the We Buy Houses guys today! 513-445-2274

Property Twins of Cincinnati- Mitch and Matt Painter