“We Buy Houses”- we’ve all see the signs & billboards. Can it really be that easy? The short answer is Yes, but with conditions. Selling a property in Cincinnati that needs work isn’t an easy under taking. I buy a ton of estate property and estate houses from people that need to sell their house fast in Cincinnati.

1. A cash buyer like myself will want to get a good deal on the house.

Selling to the “We Buy Houses” guys like myself will give you cash in 14 days or less, but you have to be willing to sell for a price they can make money at after paying for renovations.

2. Many sellers don’t want to wait 6 months for their house to sell, only for the buyer’s loan to get denied and be back to the drawing board.

Selling through a realtor can take much longer. We close in 7-14 days. It depends on house fast you want to sell your house.

3. No realtor fee’s. Realtor Fee’s can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Why not eliminate the middle man and speed up the process?

4. The house you need to sell fast needs work.

If the property you need to sell quick for cash needs work the We Buy Houses guys are a great option. If it’s in good condition you will likely be able to get more for it by listing with a realtor and waiting for the right buyer to come along.

5. No inspections.

The We Buy houses guys in Cincinnati (me) don’t do inspections like normal buyers will. Since we buy the house as is we won’t ask for a discount later after doing inspections.

Submit your information here for an offer on your Cincinnati within 24 hours!

-Mitch Painter